Reading Helps You Grow Campaign


Gordon Philanthropies Launches Reading Helps You Grow Campaign


Did you know that less and less children read on their own independent time? The Pew Research Center has indicated that only 17% of students read for fun almost every day. As fewer and fewer students engage in reading time, many of their reading scores are negatively impacted. However, the harms of illiteracy go well beyond low test scores. Those who lack literacy skills tend to experience serious health and financial outcomes. Studies have demonstrated that those with below basic literacy skills are over five times more likely to be in poor health than those with intermediate or higher literacy skills. Other studies have indicated that the average income for those with limited literacy was roughly $34,000 versus more than $73,000 for those with high literacy proficiency.  In other words, reading can drastically alter the course of our lives.



That’s why we initiated our Reading Helps You Grow Campaign which we call upon not only students, but also parents, educators, and like-minded individuals to share how reading has helped them grow. Books are powerful tools that can open our imagination and transport us to a whole new world. Reading can lead to transformative life changes. This is why we strongly believe in integrative approaches that encourage reading together as a community.  We want to  invite you to share with us your story, how have books and reading helped you grow?

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  1. Franklin Pratt, MD says:

    Great video! So true! Books opened my world. Mr, Greenblatt, Westminster Elementary School, Venice, CA, in the 3rd grade showed me the beauty of reading.

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