Gordon Philanthropies Celebrates Reading and Maternity at SHIELDS for families


Gordon Philanthropies in collaboration with Christina Pascucci, donated 2,000 books to the Mothers at SHIELDS for families.


As part of Gordon Philanthropies’ Family Literacy Initiative, the foundation donated 2,000 books to help mothers establish positive connections with their children through the power of reading together. The books will support SHIELDS for families, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to families across South LA, and their various mother wellbeing-centered programs.

Gordon Philanthropies’ Executive Director Sylvia Beanes says, “Our foundation believes in making parents an integrative part of their child’s reading routine which led us to create the Family Literacy Initiative which supports a family-based reading model. The benefits that comes with reading as a family are invaluable and go beyond simply the acquisition of literacy skills as it provides parents with the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with their children.”

Research has demonstrated that shared reading time can greatly impact children’s literacy skills in addition to, “foster parent-child emotional intimacy, prepare children for early academic success, and cultivate a life-long love of reading.” Other studies have indicated that children who are read to by their parents are more likely to be successful given that reading promotes children’s cognitive development.

As an advocate and believer of literacy efforts, Christina Pascucci shared, “Early literacy is the foundation for a thriving life. In California, at least 60% of children are not reading at grade level by third grade. Our kids deserve better, and I’m so grateful to organizations like SHIELDS and Gordon Philanthropies who recognize the importance of early literacy and are doing the work daily to uplift and inspire children and mothers across Los Angeles.” By working with Gordon Philanthropies and SHIELDS, Pascucci seeks to encourage the significance of cultivating healthy mother-child relationships and the importance of family reading time towards these ends.

CEO and Co-Founder of SHIELDS for families, Dr. Kathy Icenhower extended her appreciation to Gordon Philanthropies and Christina Pascucci for this incredible donation and celebration of motherhood, “SHIELDS is truly appreciative for their recognition of the courage it took for our mothers to reach out for help when they needed it, as well as for all the amazing books that will continue to build bonds between our mothers and their children as they read and share these stories together”

Through this collaborative effort, Gordon Philanthropies, Christina Pascucci, and Dr. Kathy Icenhower hope to elevate SHIELDS’ mission of “advocating for high-risk families in South Los Angeles.”



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