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Supporting education initiatives throughout the United States.

Gordon Philanthropies, Inc. was established by Daniel Gordon with the mission to support educational programs aimed at improving the lives of people living in under-served and underprivileged communities. GPI advances this mission through a combination of financial support to organizations and through initiatives we have developed in furtherance of our mission.

We do not currently accept unsolicited proposals even though we understand that there is no shortage of qualified and incredible organizations that share our goals.

Some of the organizations that we currently and/or previously supported include the following:

Read Together, Grow Together

Our multifaceted literacy program supports a family-based reading model that reduces the barriers to reading for children and educates parents and caregivers about their role in reading development.

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Infant & Toddler Literacy

Our novel literacy program supports parents in reading to their infants and young children. And we are honored to be collaborating with SHIELDS by helping support their families.

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Student Literacy

Our school-aged literacy program provides students and their parents/caregivers free books throughout the year with the goal of increasing the students’ reading skills.

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Family Literacy

Families are the heartbeat of our mission. Our approach is to involve all the members into a community reading household. We know that if parents and loved ones are reading, then kids will be highly motivated to read.

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Advancing Literacy Research

This study will examine the effect of a community-based literacy program on the reading behavior and reading scores of students living in low-income neighborhoods.

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