Infant & Toddler Literacy Program

/ Infant & Toddler Literacy Program

Through this novel literacy program, we’re supporting parents in reading to their infants and young children. And we are honored to be collaborating with SHIELDS by helping support their families.


The literacy program, Communities That Read Together, Grow Together, includes free infant books in English, Spanish, or both languages to motivate parents to read to their children. The goal is to support parents without the financial means to buy children’s books. Reading to an infant improves vocabulary skills and opens doors to a love of reading. Many of our parents came from homes where they were not read to as children, and for many, this is the first time they are reading to their babies.

Many parents enrolled in our program are trying to figure out how to pay the rent and put food on the table, which often does not leave discretionary funds to purchase infant books for many families. Gordon Philanthropies’ infant reading program goal is to provide sensory stimulation through reading and a bonding moment for parents and their babies.