The Superheros of the Boys & Girls Club of Mar Vista Gardens


The Gordon Philanthropies Grammar Book Event with a superhero theme was a success with our Mar Vista students. A copy of A Grammarian Superhero Book and a dictionary were provided to every student. Our superhero-loving audience consisted of K–5th graders.


The students were welcomed to the event and given a superhero cape, a goodie bag with a dictionary, and a pencil. The children ooh’d and aah’d at the dictionary. Some kids knew how to use it and were excited to have their own, while others had no idea how to use it.

During the event, they learned the rules of when to use a period and a question mark. The kids were really into the stories in the book, which deals with children leaving their home country to migrate to America, having a disability, and bullying, all while teaching the rules of grammar. The book is also available in Spanish for children who are newly arrived or in “English as a Second Language” classes (ESL).

The development of this book was a labor of love conducted by Gordon Philanthropies. We hope to distribute the grammar books to students across Los Angeles County, in addition to providing dictionaries. We believe that Reading is a Human Right.

The official release of the book is set for September 2022.

If you are an educator or work for a children’s organization, please call or email us to get copies of A Grammarian Superhero Book: Write with Power and a dictionary for your students.

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