St. Aloysius School Featured on Spectrum News’ Inside the Issues

Building stronger communities through compassionate outreach and literacy.


Spectrum News reporter, Ariel Wesler paid our dear friends at St. Aloysius South Los Angeles a visit, and spent time with Ms. Zatchell Fortin. Ms. Fortin is a first grade math teacher at St. Aloysius School who is teaching math concepts through storytelling without the traditional textbooks.

Ms. Fortin, had this to say about traditional textbooks, “They’re very daunting and very long and it gives students this major anxiety, but if I use children’s books, storybooks, it helps them connect,” Fortin said, which improves both math and literacy skills simultaneously.

To view the Spectrum News Inside the Issues segment and listen to everything Ms. Fortin had to say, click here: St. Aloysius School | Inside the Issues

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