St. Aloysius Catholic School & GP Tuition Grant

Gordon Philanthropies provides tuition grants to four St. Aloysius students, as well as donating to its library.


St. Aloysius is a Catholic school located in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles. In addition to Alameda Street being a nightmare to travel on, as a two-lane roadway choked with semis, every block flaunts an adult shop, or a marijuana dispensary and every corner is inhabited by individuals who are homeless. Tents cover most of the free space. This is what the students experience daily as they commute to school.

Since its founding over a century ago, St. Aloysius has experienced numerous transformations. This is the beauty of the school. It is still standing and currently houses over 200 students in an educational oasis, where they strive academically and bond as a community. Ms. Johnson, the school principal, is a powerhouse who has devoted her heart to the children, their parents, and the Catholic school.

It takes a village and, as Ms. Johnson would say, “parents, teachers, and the priests have made a deep commitment to always take care of the children, first and foremost. “Therefore, if St. Aloysius did not exist, the kids would have had tough decisions to contend with, since this is the only Catholic school and safe option for many students.

Gordon Philanthropies provided a grant to support four students in their educational endeavors by covering the costs of their annual school tuition. The four recipients were chosen based on their immediate needs. In addition, St. Aloysius teachers and the students joined the reading program Communities That Read Together, Grow Together. As a result, the students have read over 756 books.

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